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  • Nicky and Laura in 2019

When my 3-year old son Nicky was diagnosed with autism, I searched for clinic-based programs to help him. With limited options and long waiting lists, I joined up with several other parents and developed a workshop model program that ultimately became Autism Behavior Consultants. My journey with my son's development has given me the opportunity to meet amazing parents and build lifetime relationships. And through Autism Behavior Consultants, I am able to give back by sharing my personal experiences, knowledge, and resources. If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder or a related disorder and are looking for help, please contact ABC or complete our client inquiry form.

Laura Haneline / Founder


  • Home-based ABA Intervention
  • School-based ABA Intervention
  • Workshop Services
  • Parent Training
  • Consultation & Training
  • Assessments
  • Social Skills Training

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